I’ve been told I must be an animal whisperer several times now. Is it true? It must be, because according to Kiersten, I’m one of a limited number of people that Pancho (the Chihuahua) allows to pet–which makes me feel super special. 😊

Secretly though, I think pets only like me because they can smell the yummy dog treats that I bring the instant I arrive, and by the time I leave, they’re like stuffed sausages. Happy stomach, happy heart? Amirite? :o

Oliver, Pancho’s partner in crime, was only too enthusiastic about having being photographed and couldn’t stop smiling and poking his face in my camera. Both pups were described as being “high-strung”, but honestly, all I saw were little bundles of fun!

Thank you Kiersten and Gordon for such a wonderful photoshoot. I hope you love their images as much as I do. :)