I have to say, I’m a total sucker for expressive doggie eyes–you know, where they can tell you exactly what they’re thinking with a waggle of an eyebrow. Last month, I had a photoshoot with a gray labradoodle named Ellie (also known as Senorita Puff-N-Stuff ;) ), who was no exception to this. How her parents are able to resist giving in to her every whim is beyond me. I think I would probably be a total pushover.

In her spare time, when Ellie’s not cheering up sick children at the hospital, she’s usually cuddled up with her parents or playing with Mr. Hedgehog (and perhaps plotting her next rebellion, as she was described as being a teenager that likes to sometimes push the boundaries, when I asked what type of human she would be in real life). What do you guys think–do you think you would be able to resist her doggie eyes?
hehe. I love it when dogs have a little bit of tongue sticking out.
Such dainty little paws!
Hmm, I wonder if her parents know what this look is?
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Maybe it was something along the lines, “If you’re going to make me have my photos taken, I’m going to be a rebel and do something naughty”.
Ellie’s favorite: Mr. Hedgehog—probably because they both rock some pretty awesome fur.
Mr. Sock Monkey obviously doesn’t have any cool hairdos, so Ellie refuses to play with him.
I’ve been kind of in a black and white phase lately, and love these ones of Ellie on the couch.
Ellie-the-Gray-Labradoodle_28 Ellie-the-Gray-Labradoodle_29