Once in a while you’ll encounter a really bad ass cat that has no qualms about saying hello and posing for your camera. But more often than not, you’re more likely to encounter a cat that’s described as cautious or “hides from strangers”, which is often the concern that cat owners cite for their hesitation when it comes to having their cats photographed. Want to know my secret to photographing cats is?

Ignoring them. Yep, you read that right. Assuming they’re not total scaredy cats that hide for days, or absolutely hate strangers, their curiosity will get the better of them, and they’re going to eventually come out from wherever they are to come investigate. It might also help that they probably pick up on that I’m a cat person/owner (Yep, you read that right, too! Surprise! I know, I’m guilty of not posting photos of my furbabies. Ironic, eh?)

Anyway, I’m super excited to share photos from Dudley & Pickles’ photo session. Not only do they have the cutest names, but they’re also some of the cutest cats that I have ever encountered. Besides mine, of course. ;) I think only Dudley can pull off the cross-eyed look and still be cute as eff, and his name is so fitting! Pickles was on the shyer side, but using my tactic as mentioned above, she decided she wanted in on some of the photo action, too. She had a slightly lower tolerance for being photographed, but we still managed to get some adorable shots of her.

Thanks Janelle and Josh for letting me photograph your beautiful kitties at your cutely decorated place—and of course, your patience!! ;) Hope you enjoy their photos!