I was contacted for a photo session under sad circumstances. Dewey, the chocolate lab, was recently diagnosed with cancer and was not expected to live for very long. So Saturday, I spent a bittersweet morning photographing goofy Dewey and his owner, Laura, and her other dog, Jax.

UPDATE (May 31, 2013): Dewey got a second opinion, and it turns out he doesn’t have cancer! He does have to go to the MSU vet hospital to get surgery for airway issues. But I think we can all agree that this is a MUCH better prognosis.
Dewey-47-copyDog-Photography_Dewey_07Dog-Photography_Dewey_10Dog-Photography_Dewey_12Dog-Photography_Dewey_05 Dog-Photography_Dewey_06Dog-Photography_Dewey_11Dewey-53-copyDewey-54-copyDewey-55Dewey-18