I first met Shanti in 2018 at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. She had just been adopted by Harlori and Jaspreet, and was a timid little thing. But over this past year, from the stories that Harlori has shared, she’s really come out of her shell. From figuring out that walks are like the greatest thing ever, head pats are amazing, and that if you push yourself outside of your comfort zone by escaping your play pen, you can hit the jackpot and find a cracked open treat cupboard. (Needless to say, like the kid that ate too many sweets, she spent much of the next day with a tummy ache and puking up the treats.)

I was a little worried on how Shanti would do in a photoshoot because of my initial impression of her personality, but when I heard that story, I knew she would be just fine. As predicted, she was wary of the camera, but once she figured out that I was the treat dispensing machine, she became a lot more confident and decided that getting her photo taken was a good thing. 😆

Thanks Harlori and Jaspreet for such a fun session, and letting me document this point in your life. I hope you guys love your images as much as I do!