I first met Jerrie of Doggone Bandanas in 2013 when we were both vendors at a local PetFest. She had to leave her booth for a second, so I offered to watch it, as well as the three dogs she had at the time. Two unfortunately, have since passed, and with the addition of her newest pup, she decided it was finally time to get family photos taken.

Odie is a 13 year old terrier-mix, although you wouldn’t be able to tell by the way he plays ball. For an old man, he sure is sprightly! Fergus aka tater head (because let’s be real, he kind of looks like a potato, haha) is a Chihuahua mix of an unknown age due to being a rescue. They’re both super cute and sweet, and I could’ve spent all day just hanging out with them.

Jerrie and her pack often travel around the county selling bandanas at local fairs and pet events, so if you see them, be sure to stop by and say hi, as they’re all super friendly (and huggable! The pups, I mean. :p). While you’re there, also check out the many cute bandanas she has for sale. They’re all handmade and make for a great accessory! Check out Odie + Fergus wearing the cutest ones towards the end of this entry.