Lilee is a 14 year old pug, who was diagnosed with a central nervous system disorder that has left her with a permanent head tilt, and serious disorientation. Despite going to numerous vet appointments and putting her on a long series of antibiotics (they thought it might’ve been an ear infection), they were unable to ever fully resolve the issue. Based on a recent update from her owner, Katie, this past January, Lilee is now off the antibiotics. She’s doing okay but doesn’t have much balance or energy left, which makes me incredibly sad to hear.

As I write this blog entry, I’m so thankful we were able to create some beautiful images of Lilee with her incredibly patient and loving hoo-mans during the time we did. Despite her medical issue, I could still feel and see Lilee’s curious and spunky self shine through. When Katie was booking her session with me, one of her family members asked her if she was sure she wanted to get photos of Lilee in her current state. She responded that she still wanted photos of Lilee no matter what– because she wanted memories of Lilee and how she made her feel, and to document the fact that they’ve shared a wonderful 14 years together.

All I have to say is you can definitely feel the love and bond in each and everyone of these images. ❤️