After encountering my first Brussels Griffon (BG) four years ago at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, I’ve been dying to photograph one. They are seriously one of the most ridiculously looking dogs I’ve ever seen with their little Manchu beards. (By ridiculously looking, I mean ridiculously cute).

So when Erin contacted me about photographing her 9-month BG puppy, my face was like this: 😄😄😄

But then she shared she wanted to photograph Brutus in his Ohio State sweater, and I was like: 😬

Lol, OSU jokes aside, I decided to let that small detail slide. ;) #GOBLUE

Brutus didn’t disappoint the day of his session. He was more ADD than I expected, haha, but we still managed to capture some adorable shots of him with his many facial expressions. If you don’t break into a huge smile after looking at his images, I have to say there has to be something wrong with you, hah.

So random quirk that Brutus has: if you blow in his face, he tries to “eat” the air. Of course, we had to document this. The images of him doing this (towards the end of this entry) are fricking hilarious.

Thanks Erin for such an awesome shoot. Brutus is seriously an amazing dog. I can see why you love him so much. :)