It’s been a little more than a few years since I graduated from my alma mater, the University of Michigan, and I’ll be honest, even though I’m still living in this quaint little city, I really don’t visit campus that often. So when Roni’s owner, a fellow U of M alum, decided she wanted to have incorporate some of the Diag into Roni’s photoshoot, I was a bit thrilled. The area brings back many wonderful memories as an undergrad, and it’s absolutely gorgeous in the spring time!

Of course, Roni being a Michigan dog, we had to get photos of him with a jersey, at the “M” (where legend has it if you step on it, you’ll fail your first blue book exam), and a certain building where many students spend long nights studying. Can you guys guess which building they’re standing in front of in the last photo?

Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_01 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_02 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_03 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_04 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_05 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_06 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_07 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_08 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_09 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_10 Kat-Ku_UMichigan-Pets_Roni_11