Goal for this month? Blog at least four sessions. I’ve been terrible about it this year (who knew 2017 would be so busy?!), and I wanted to apologize to all those who have been waiting so patiently. For the latest updates, go follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

First up is this beautiful pack consisting of Maggs, Luna, and Bing. Maggs is the lab mix, and for some reason, reminded me of one of those “I’m too cool” personalities. While the other two pups were running around hamming it up, she was like meh, haha.

Luna, as you might guess, is the pretty, white pittie. For being under a year old, she was surprisingly the calmest puppy that I have ever photographed. She was also adopted from one of my favorite foster rescue groups, POET Animal Rescue. (If you’re looking to adopt or foster, check them out!)

Bing is one of the most gorgeous pitties that I’ve ever met (have you ever seen a reddish coated one before?) and really shined for the camera. Unfortunately, only a few weeks after the photoshoot, she lost her battle with cancer and crossed over the rainbow bridge. :(