Ziggy and Romy are two absolutely adorable Chihuahuas/Mixes that share the good life in Detroit. Both were a little confused about being awoken from their all day napping schedule, but Romy (the one with the hanging out tongue) soon warmed up to the camera when he realized that food was involved (and even fell asleep while being held during part of the shoot! lol). My favorite shot of him is where he’s being held like a baby by Amber, and he looks so happy, and jokingly, maybe even drunk. Ziggy (black & white) decided that running around the yard was more fun than being photographed, so it took some time for Jeremy to catch up to him before we were able to get them all settled in to capture some fun family images and all of their big personalities in little dog bodies!

Thanks Amber and Jeremy for such a sweet session (and congrats again!! :) )