3 years ago, I was working on the vision for my business.

It probably sounded crazy to anyone I told at the time, but one of my goals over the next 5 years was to become a multi-city pet photographer in the following cities: Scottsdale, San Francisco, and New York City (in addition to my home base of Ann Arbor/Detroit).

This idea had spawned from an article I read about a guy who built a startup while traveling the world. While I’m not quite building a startup, or traveling the entire world, the concept of being able to live in a different city while doing what I love the most (capturing the bond between humans and their pets), sounded amazing.

Over these past couple of years, I’ve been traveling to different cities for a weekend, or a week at a time. Part of it was for personal reasons (see friends, etc), but part of it was to explore the cities and see what they were like. Do people love their pets as much as they do in Michigan? What’s it like owning a pet in the different cities? While I’ve found that most people universally love their pets (duh!), the lifestyle of pets in each city can be very different! (Which I’m sure I’ll write about in a future post).

This 2018 year, I’m excited to announce that this little dream of mine is finally going to be a reality; every four months I will be living in a different city (swipe right to see the city schedule), along with additional planned mini trips to other cities. I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful people and pets I have met over the years, and I can’t wait to share with you my future adventures and all the beautiful pets that I will get to get photograph.

Don’t see your city on there? Comment below on what other cities I should visit next! For booking a session with your pet(s), send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!