So did I tell you about the one time that I photographed a kangaroo?
Just kidding. Mythos just looks like one from this angle. He’s actually a 12.5 year old German Shepherd. :p

Some people might see him as a failure. He didn’t make it very far through Leader Dog school (didn’t have the right personality); and suffering from dwarfism, he doesn’t meet the breed standard. (Dwarfism, for those who don’t know, is when there is a lack of normal bone growth. You can see in the photos how his legs are a little bit short). However, I think Mythos is pretty special. Despite his “shortcomings”,  I saw a playful, intelligent, and loyal soul who clearly loves his human very much. So much, that despite my “doggy crack”, which no dog ever refuses, he wouldn’t pay attention to me unless his mom was there, lol.

Here are some of my favorite shots from his session. Thank you Rebecca for sharing with me Mythos’ story (or collection of stories, given his name :)), and also your morning to photograph him. Hope you like his photos!

Mythos the German Shepherd_01 Mythos the German Shepherd_02 Mythos the German Shepherd_03 Mythos the German Shepherd_04 Mythos the German Shepherd_05 Mythos the German Shepherd_06 Mythos the German Shepherd_07 Mythos the German Shepherd_08 Mythos the German Shepherd_10