Once in a while, you meet a truly special dog, and Lucy is one of them.

I was contacted under sad circumstances to photograph Lucy, a 19 month old lab, who unfortunately has end stage kidney disease. A super sick puppy ever since she was born, she was only expected to live to 5 months old, but somehow managed to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Meeting her though, it’s easy to see why. As cliché as this is going to sound, when I think of her, I think of the term, YOLO. Lucy truly embodies the definition of it with her zest and enthusiasm for life, and non-stop smiling. She’s a reminder of how we should all live our lives. Myself included.

We spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon hanging out, and I photographed Lucy doing all of her favorite things.
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_01
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_02
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_03
Convincing Mom #1 to give her lots of treats.
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_04Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_05
Playing with Mr./Ms. Hedgehog. (By the way, it’s kind of super cute how much she gets into it–she plays with her eyes shut–so weird! haha. She only stops to open them when she hears her people moving around in the back. It’s as if she’s making sure everything was okay before resuming play again.)

Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_06
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_07Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_08Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_09
I think this is the only serious face from Lucy’s entire session. And it’s like a “Hrm, really?” face, haha.
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_10
Chilling with expecting Mom #2 on the recliner.
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_11Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_12
Hanging out with not-so-little-anymore younger sister, Donna.
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_13Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_14Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_15
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_16
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_17 Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_18
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_19 Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_20 Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_21 Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_22
(and showing her who’s boss).

Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_23
Wearing as many bandannas as possible.
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_24 Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_25
Dashing through the snow at full force.
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_26
Posing for cute family photos.
Kat Ku_Lucy and Donna_27

Thank you Kate and Mylan for a wonderful session. I hope these images bring you much comfort and joy. <3