Jack the Yorkie and Lorelei the Doxie are the two most adorable pair of pups ever.

Jack was adopted as a puppy. After an initial rough start where he vomited all over Caitlin on the way home due to nervousness, he soon decided that maybe these people weren’t so bad after all, after being fed some delicious steak.

Lorelei’s adoption story is probably one of my favorites. Caitlin was living in Austin, TX at the time and went out to get some ice cream. There happened to be a dog rescue in the parking lot, and well, the rest is history. She went out for ice cream, and came back with a dog. (Well, I hope she got ice cream, too!)

If Jack had a choice, he’d probably be an only dog, and would absolutely love to have attention on his terms. Lorelei, to me, was like two completely different dogs. She was the most timid, afraid little pup ever (see beginning photos), but once I pulled out the tennis ball, she transformed into this super happy, energetic pup. It was kind of crazy to see. Caitlin jokingly said, if Lorelei were a person, she’d have to be in therapy for her obsession with playing ball.