Teri originally contacted me to photograph their two older labs, but unfortunately, due to timing and circumstances, they sadly both passed away before that could happen. So when they got their new puppy, Higgins, she made sure not to make the same mistake and immediately contacted me to photograph him and their entire family.

I’m so glad she did! As I get older (ha!), it seems like time has a tendency to go by faster and faster. If you think kids grow up fast, puppies grow up even faster by a multiple of 8 (or something like that). Getting a new puppy is such an exciting time, and while we’re all eager to see how they change as they grow up, I believe it’s also important to document the time that they’re little. To remember their puppy expressions and enthusiasm, and generally, how they lit up our lives. When we look back years later, it can be hard to remember what that was like.

I’ll admit this session was kind of a $hit show, haha. If a puppy is like having a toddler, then you can only imagine what it must be like photographing a puppy AND a toddler. When I got there, I was like oh, it’ll be cute. Toddler and puppies, yeah! Nope. Two very independent minded beings running in opposite directions, lol. We made it work though, even by the end, I think I felt exhausted as the parents. And that was only after two hours. Which I think gives me a very small glimpse into what being parents must be like, haha.

Regardless, I think this might’ve been one of the most fun shoots I’ve had in a while. It kept me on my toes, and I really love the candid images and expressions we were able to capture. Thanks so much Teri and Brad for giving me the pleasure of documenting your adorable little family! :)

Fotografie Kulissen