Gus may be the weirdest looking dog that I’ve ever photographed, but he’s so cute, that I can’t help but to be obsessed. 😍 But then again I just like weird things in general, haha.

During our consultation, Rikki-Leigh told me that he doesn’t really act like a typical dog, and that he was probably more like a cat. It was not until I met him that I really understood what she meant.

When I first arrived, Gus was chilling on the couch. As I was checking out the lighting in the different rooms, I turned around to see that Gus was right behind me to see who this new person was. I hadn’t even heard him; he was that stealthy!

During our photoshoot, I kept on expecting him to do something (?), lol, but he was like blue steel. I think his expressions ranged from curiosity and confusion, as to what was going on.

Honestly, if I had to describe him as a person, he would probably be a stoic old man but who knows what’s up. I invest in a variety of treats for my session and start off with Zuke’s before transitioning to the “better stuff”. I tried to give him Zuke’s, but he spat it right out, and looked at me expectantly until I gave him the other treats I had in my bag. Needless to say, he won my heart over in a very short amount of time, and I can totally see why he ended up as a foster failure. I would have kept him, too. <3