Why are my clients so photogenic?

I seriously have the toughest time picking images to share on my posts. I’ll be going through and picking out my favorites images, and before you know it, I have thirty images, and I’m like no, no, Kat. This is way too many; people are going to get bored!

Anyway, the best I could do here is 28, so hopefully, you’re not bored by the end of this. I tried to include some funny ones at the end, so if anything scroll down to those, because those are a real hoot.

The inspiration for the session was because Griswold’s cancer came out of remission, sadly, after going through an expensive hip replacement. Given the cost of chemo and uncertainty of the outcome, Laura decided that it was probably best instead to capture some happy images of her little family to remember him by. We were blessed with a beautiful day in February and spent time doing all of their favorite things: playing, being allowed on the couch, and getting spoiled with love. Can you feel all of the love going on in the puppy pile images? :)

Thank you Laurie and Michael for being such good sports with everything–and especially Michael because he stubbed his pinky toe earlier that day and had to cram his swollen toe into a shoe. We know how much fun that is. Anyway, I hope you love the images from our session, and that they brighten your day!