This is probably a photographer’s worst nightmare when you’re asked to photograph both a white and black dog at the same time. Do you expose for the white dog, or the black dog? lol.

We got some crazy @$$ fog a couple weeks back, which also happened to be during when Golda & Alma’s session was scheduled to take place. Suzanne and Jay thought I was crazy for wanting to photograph on that day. Even I was hesitant because usually I like photographing on sunny days, which is what most of my work’s “feel” consists of.  I decided to be like screw it though, let’s try something different. If they absolutely hate how their images turn out, we can set up another shoot. I think their images turned out okay, actually. Guess they’ll be the final judge tho.

Thanks Suzanne and Jay for sharing your day with me. I hope you love how Golda & Alma’s photos turned out, as much as I do!! :)