Talk about having a rough start.

During my consultation meeting with each of my clients, I always like to ask how their pets joined their family–mostly because I enjoy hearing about happy tails (*pun intended*), and usually there are some pretty cute stories. When I asked Erin how Corra joined theirs, what she told me next, was not what I was expecting. At all.

“From what we’ve been told, Corra started her life in Detroit in a drug house that bred and fought pit-bulls. Around 5 months of age, the house was raided, and Corra, along with 5 other dogs, were rescued. They were taken to the shelter, I Heart Dogs Animal Rescue and Haven, in Warren.

Here is where she spent the next 7 months of her young life. The rescue said she met many families but was never adopted. She had a skin condition that caused her to lose patches of hair, making her appear “ugly” to the outside world. When we began our search for a dog, we did not have a specific breed in mind. When we met Corra, we immediately fell in love. She ran out and dove on her belly to greet us. We could tell this little dog had so much personality and had to have her.

When we brought her home, we took her to the vet for a check up and learned she has a bullet lodged in her back left leg. The vet recommended we leave it alone. It’s amazing to me to see her genuine love of people after being treated so cruelly by humans as a puppy. She had a lot of fears when we brought her home but is feeling more secure each and every day. She’s been a great addition to our family and we love her so much!”

That’s some pretty crazy ish if you ask me. I’m so glad that Corra was able to find such a loving home after such horrible beginning.

I asked Erin what type of person Corra would be in real life, and she said a tomboy, and I think she nailed it perfectly. Corra absolutely loves playing ball while not caring for the cuddling aspect so much–just check out her expressions. They’re classic.😂 (Kind of reminds me of me, haha ;) )