I’m a lucky participant of Chewy.com‘s Blogger Outreach Program, meaning I get to try out a lot of different pet products in exchange for my honest reviews. The following review are the thoughts and opinions of yours truly, and no way am I paid to endorse the following product.

Ever wrinkle your nose in disgust every time your pet yawns? Yeah, that’s called bad breath.

Achilles is quickly approaching six years old, and despite my attempts to brush his teeth with a pet toothpaste to help keep them clean(er), he’s pretty adamant against me helping him—very politely pushing my hand away with his paw. As a result, despite how much he loves cuddling with me, I can’t help but turn my head every time he yawns.

Now that it’s finally warmer out, I’ve set up an appointment for him (wanted to avoid the drastic/stressful temperature changes from home to vehicle to clinic and back) to get his teeth cleaned, but as a temporary solution, I’ve been feeding him catnip-flavored Greenies (provided generously by Chewy.com). Achilles is kind of picky (surprise, surprise, he is a cat after all), but he seems to love these. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re catnip flavored?

IMG_0131 copy
I’ve been giving him probably more than the recommended amount (5-7 pieces/day), but it’s just so satisfying hearing him crunch those treats and imagine all that plaque being scrubbed away! Although it’s not a permanent solution, I have already noticed a significant difference in his breath, which is to say, it’s not as pungent, thank goodness. After he gets his teeth cleaned, I think I’ll continue to use Greenies as a future preventative and maintenance treat.

(Achilles: “But what do you mean I have bad breath?”)

IMG_0135 copy