Earlier this year, I took a trip out to Scottsdale as part of my mini-tour of Destination Sessions 2017. For one of my sessions, I got to work with these two pitbull cuties: Bentley and Diesel, who were introduced to me by Marika and Stella, over on Instagram: @Incredibullstella. (Side tangent: Marika and Stella the Pitbull have an amazing story, so if you have time, you should check out their link to learn more.)

Bentley and Diesel were so much fun to photograph, and their dynamic really reminded me of the way that an older brother and little brother interact. Bentley (the puppy) seemed to want to do whatever Diesel was doing, whether it was playing ball or getting treats. And then of course, Diesel being the big brother, had to show that he was the boss; however, Bentley managed to keep up with a good pow to Diesel’s face during one of the wrestling matches that broke out in the middle of our session (see photo below).

(FYI in case you didn’t know, around this time of year aka May, it’s already fricking HOT in Arizona. It hits the 100s by noon, so we had to do an early morning shoot that started at 7am. Thank goodness I was still on Michigan time, so that didn’t seem too early to me!).

Thanks Christen for such a fun session. It was wonderful meeting you, and I hope you love their images as much as I do! :)