I’m sure we all know someone that is absolutely OBSESSED with their pet(s). You know what I’m talking about. They have Facebook profiles and Instagram accounts dedicated to showcasing their furkid’s many adorable faces and adventures with mom or dad. You can’t even have a conversation without them somehow wriggling in a story about something their furkid did, or whipping out their phone to show you a blurry, red-eyed photo of something that looks like a pet (I know I’m guilty of this, haha). And if THEY’RE lucky, you’re either best friends with them, or they’re family (so you have to put up with them–whoops!), and since you know how much you love their pets, you give them the perfect gift– a professional photo session starring their furkid(s)! You can thank me later ;)

And for a limited time, I’m help make your gift even more awesome, by throwing in an extra $50 print credit. Offer good through December 10th only.