Monica contacted me about five days before Christmas in search of the perfect gift for her boyfriend, Vince. Knowing that he was obsessed with his dog, Delilah–who he’s had since she was a tiny puppy– thought it would be a sweet idea to gift him with a custom pet photography session. (I’m not sure what his response was when he opened up his present that day, but hopefully, he was stoked! Haha)

We met up at Chaparral Park and then walked over to Camelback park to capture Delilah doing one of the things she loves doing the most–which is playing ball! (If you can’t tell how much she loves it through these photos, I don’t know what to tell you) During the middle of our photoshoot, we spotted one of those Rent-A-Bikes laying on the sidewalk and had the inspiration of photographing her in the basket. Delilah wasn’t crazy about the idea, but we still managed to get some cute photos from it (see towards end of entry for one of my faves).

As always, I had such a hard time deciding which ones to share. The three of them were so fun to work with, and so laid-back, they made the photoshoot really easy. I’m almost tempted to create a storybook of their session, just so you can see all of them. 🤔

Thanks Monica, Vince, and Delilah! It was so awesome meeting and working with you guys! :)

(P.S. Random fun fact: I almost kept on accidentally calling Delilah, Daphne. I photographed another Mini Tri-Color Aussie, named Daphne in Scottsdale, last May. Maybe I’m just getting old!)