I finally had a free weekend, so I decided to head over to the Detroit area to photograph for one of my favorite rescues: Home Fur-Ever Rescue. They’re an incredible organization, and having worked with a few of the dedicated volunteers, I can honestly say that they really care about what they do and have some of the biggest hearts around. With over 100 dogs (yes, that’s in the triple digits!) in foster homes at a time, you really have to have your ish together, and they do. I highly recommend adopting from them if you’re looking for a new furry four-legged friend!

With that said, here are some of the dogs I photographed. (Disclaimer: By looking at these photos at your own risk, I am not responsible for overwhelming feelings of desire to scoop up every puppy and take them home, your decision to become an animal hoarder, sharing these photos with all of your family and friends, badgering of your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/father/mother to get one of these dogs, and/or volunteering to work with a pet rescue)
Amee Bailey Conrad Coral Diaz Gertie Giselle Honey Hunk-1 Iggy Ingo Jiggy Martha Matrix Niles Selena Sequoia Spence Teneil