Getting your first dog or cat by yourself is often like a rite of passage to adulthood. For the first time, you’re taking care of something other than yourself. And with that, comes a whole slew of responsibilities and lessons (chewed up shoes, potty accidents, torn up couches, earlier wake up calls than desired), but the unconditional love and faithful companionship more than outweighs any of the “work” that goes into it.

Sally is Marie’s first dog, that she adopted when she was in college and living in an apartment with her boyfriend. Sally was an adult pup when she was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society, so with that, and her graying face, comes the bittersweet reminder that time together is short.

Described as a quiet, loyal, super cuddly, loving best friend that “woke something up in her soul”, Marie was inspired to document this special time together with her best friend. The love and bond that they share, which words can’t describe, can simply be seen in the images below.