They say, “A home is not a home without a cat”, so it’s a good thing that when Joy bought her place, one cat decided to take this quote to heart.

Sunny–who was originally named Sassy before it was discovered that the she, was actually a he–was about 6 months old when Joy discovered him hanging around in the backyard outside. Soon, he captured her heart with his beautiful eyes and his personality and has become a permanent part of her life for almost 17 years now.

While not exactly thrilled at having his peaceful Saturday evening disrupted by his modeling debut, Sunny sure knew how to give me a lot of great expressions–“Curious”, “I’m shy”, “Talk to my back”, “Omg, she’s STILL here”, “Chilling like a bada$$”, “Boy, modeling is hard work”, “I’m so high—off of catnip”, and “I love my human”. Can you guess which expression goes with what image?

P.S. Thank you Joy for letting me meet and photograph your handsome boy, and I hope that you love his images (which thankfully, aren’t all of him sitting under a shrub! haha).

Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_02Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_01Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_03 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_04 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_05 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_06 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_07 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_08 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_09 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_10 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_11 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_12 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_13 Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography_14
Kat Ku_Sunny_Cat Photography