I first met Brynn and Pauline during the 3rd Annual Walk & Wag for the Humane Society of Huron Valley. I was hosting a Doggy Portraits fundraiser for the shelter, and Pauline was one of the cuties that showed up!

Brynn decided she wanted to get some images of her other fur-child, Shadow the Golden Retriever, so in celebration of “Mother’s Day”, she booked a session with me. I asked her to share some additional information about her furkids, and this is what she had to say, in her words.

“Shadow is a goof. He is not the brightest dog but is so happy and just wants human attention. He has a short attention span and thinks he’s being the best dog even if he’s not doing exactly what you are asking him to do. He tries really hard to be good. He’s kind of like a clown.”

“Pauline is very sassy and full of personality. She is shy with new people though and may not show this side of herself at the session. She likes to bark at people, things, squirrels, etc. She thinks she is much larger than she really is and isn’t afraid to let people know she is in charge.”

Having met them both, I would have to be inclined to agree, haha, but they’re still both super cute! Don’t you agree? :)