Creating great images is a team effort.

If you simply want photos of your pet, take them with your cell phone, or ask someone with a decent camera to take them for you.

If you want great photos of your pet that make you feel something, then talk to me. Tell me stories of your pets, their personality, and all the things you love to do with them, because that’s where the magic begins to happen.

Do I know how to use my camera? Sure. Am I great with animals? Well, I’d like to think so. But for me to come up with inspiring images, that begins with you.

My inspiration for each session comes from what you tell me. And there’s nothing more frustrating than when I’m chatting with a client, and they give me the bare minimum details about their pet–because honestly, it doesn’t give me much to work with. But once in a while, I chat with a client that absolute loooooves talking about their pet(s), and that’s what I really love. Not only do I enjoy hearing how much joy their pet has brought to their life, ideas start exploding in my head of all the things we can try during our session.

Scout’s parents were awesome, and they were happy to share everything they could about Scout. I wasn’t able to post every single image from the session just because there were so many! But as a result, we were able to capture a variety of fun images that showed off her personality and contagious smile, while incorporating some aspects of Catherine and Ashley’s personalities, too!