Lovingly named after a favorite childhood movie character, Rufio is one adorable, wrinkly puppy that is seriously all muscle and loose skin. When he starts running and can’t stop, he just tumbles over, and it’s like a miniature bowling bowl rolling, lol.

It’s only been a month since his shoot, but based on the recent photos that his human has sent me, he is seriously GROWING UP FAST. Ahh, why can’t puppies stay puppies forever?! I love their awkwardness and curiosity and enthusiasm for the world surrounding them.
Michigan American Bully-01Blue-American-Bully_Kat-Ku_02
(so wrinkly!! hehe)
(seriously love this photo. rufio looks like such a dinosaur!)
Blue-American-Bully_Kat-Ku_04 Blue-American-Bully_Kat-Ku_05 Blue-American-Bully_Kat-Ku_06 Blue-American-Bully_Kat-Ku_08 Blue-American-Bully_Kat-Ku_09
(taking a power nap before round 2 of playing!)
(aww, hiding behind his human’s leg)
(pretty please, take me home?)
Blue-American-Bully_Kat-Ku_11 Blue-American-Bully_Kat-Ku_12
(i’m a frog. rawr!)
(a hint of him all grown up)