Ramona might easily be the quirkiest dog that I’ve ever photographed.

*Correction: The cutest, sweetest, quirkiest dog that I’ve ever photographed.

Aside from having a self-imposed rule where she can’t step on wood floors (she’ll leap from carpet to carpet), she also needs some “gentle pushing” when going up the stairs (see example photo below). She also lays loving on an Ottomon chair but only with the front half of her body, while remaining standing on her hind legs (that can’t be comfortable!), and demands being petted by sticking her head in between your legs!

When Laura and Scott were sharing with me all of her quirks, I was like okay, she can’t be that weird, but then I saw what they meant during our session. 😂 If anything, I think it’s her quirks that make her so lovable. Do your pets have quirks? If so, what are they?

P.S. Thanks Laura and Scott for such a sweet session; Ramona was so much fun to photograph! :)