When I first met Mr. Kitty, he was right at the door to greet me with many meows and his special “happy feet dance”. Apparently, this is something that he only does for people he likes, so I felt honored that I made such a positive impression.

That probably all changed though after his photoshoot, lol. Clearly, not a big fan of the camera, getting Mr. Kitty to look at the camera was a bit of a challenge. Not easily bribed by food, bored with toys within minutes, and a low tolerance for extended periods of affection, I had to move quickly. Luckily, I was able to get some good images in.

Looking at these photos, you would never know that Mr. Kitty was recently diagnosed with sarcoma. Instead, he appears to be a completely healthy, albeit grumpy, 18 year old cat that has managed to maintain his handsomeness and dignity over the years, all while living a life blessed with lots of love (and “Squirrel” :p).

Thank you Heather and Julia for sharing with me little bits of Mr. Kitty’s life, and I am glad to hear that he is still fighting strong!
Kitty-28Kitty-31 Kitty-43 Kitty-10-2