Do you ever have those periods of time when you’re so busy, you forget what day it is? I think that’s pretty much how my last month was. With six sessions on top of regular work, I didn’t have much time to blog (nor sleep). Now that I finally wrapped up my last session of the year, yesterday, I’d thought I’d take some time to share a few of my favorite images from Mollie and Murphy’s session.

Mollie and Murphy are two adorable 9-year-old rescues. After having gone through two prior homes, they finally found a wonderful, loving home with a couple of humans with big hearts and warm laps to snuggle in. <3

Mollie and Murphy were a bit more on the timid side. I think after being passed from home to home in their younger years, they were a bit more skeptic of new people aka like Me. But once we had them running around outside, they soon forgot all about me.

(I had to share this photo of Murphy. It totally reminded me of the times when we got school photos, and if you had a grumpy photographer tired of dealing with screaming kids, they just took your photo without waiting for you to be ready, haha).
Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_01 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_02 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_03 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_04 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_05 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_06
(I love it when dogs sit like this, with one paw tucked in. I’m so proper.)
Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_07
Mollie’s crooked ears are too cute! She kind of reminds me of a moose for some reason, haha.
Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_08 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_09 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_10
Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_11
One simple look says it all.
Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_12
Getting silly!
Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_13 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_14
Murphy shows off his running skills, too.
Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_15
Is there anything sweeter than a guy who loves his dogs, and isn’t afraid to show it?
Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_16
“Hey you, quit interrupting my belly rub time.”
Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_17 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_18 Kat Ku_Brighton Pet Photography_19