Hi everybody! Sorry, I know it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged! This past month has been pretty ridiculous with me moving living places, prepping for the 2012 Ann Arbor Pet Fest, and photoshoots. I’m most definitely looking forward to Labor Day weekend so I can finally catch up on all my editing and finish unpacking! To make it up to you guys, this entry will be extra image heavy. :)

Earlier this month, I had the honor of photographing Mellow and his adorable family. Mellow is a very special dog, and to give you a quick background for the newcomers who don’t know his story, NBC Nightly News was following Detroit Dog Rescue for their “Making a Difference” segment, when the rescue received a call about a dog who had been shot. This dog was Mellow, who had been shot three times in the neck, groin, and face, and left for dead. Mellow was rescued, while two other dogs with a similar experience did not survive… Mellow is now fully recovered, although he lost his left eye as a result of the shooting. Meeting Mellow in person, what’s amazing to see, is how happy go lucky he is. For a dog to have undergone all that he has gone through, and to come out at the other end with nothing but love and faith and trust for humans still, it really leaves me speechless. He is one lucky dog, and he has one lucky family.

Mellow-and-Izzy-48-copy1Mellow-and-Izzy-34-copy1Mellow-and-Izzy-3-copyMichigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-06 Mellow-and-Izzy-54-copyMichigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-03
Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-01 Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-20Mellow-and-Izzy-73-copyMichigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-07 Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-09 Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-10 Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-11Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-08Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-02    Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-30Mellow-and-Izzy-63-copy Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-28Mellow-and-Izzy-61-copyMellow-and-Izzy-62-copy Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-29 Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-13Michigan-Pet-Photography_Mellow-the-Pitbull_-12