I got to photograph the cutest 10-year-old retriever mix at the Studio. Her name is Lulabelle, and she was simply all smiles at our session (except when she was concentrating really hard on getting that tennis ball or treat!).

My favorite thing, or what I thought was the cutest thing about her, are her ears! They lay flat on the side of her head, and since she’s all black, it seems like she doesn’t have any. But make a funny noise, and boop! She’s got ears, lol. Also, making her look like a totally different dog. :p What do you think?

Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_01Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_02Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_03Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_04Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_05Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_06Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_07Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_08Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_11
Kat Ku Photography_Lulabelle_12 (2)
This last image I did kind of for fun. I shared it on my Facebook page, but this is my version of a #doubleExposure. Karen, Lula’s mom, nicknamed it “Lulaverse”, and I’m kind of digging the title. :)