Is anyone else’s mind boggled that September is literally in 4 days?! Can’t believe how fast this year has been flying by, and how little time I’ve had had to blog.

Here’s a little throwback to a session I did this past spring with the cutest little fur family I’ve ever seen. It consists of Lucy the Basset, and then cats, Zazzy and Maggie.

Danielle, their hu-mom warned me that Lucy was a little shy/wary around new people, and true to her word, when I first showed up, Lucy started barking and running away from me. But like any good hound dog, her nose soon sniffed out my treat bag. Gave her a few Zuke’s, and before we both knew it, we were BFFs, and she was following me around with her sad, soulful eyes.

Maggie, who’s special in her own right–cross eyed with stubby legs, has a thing for eating plants and throwing them up later. Also, she was super camera shy, but we managed to capture her in her naughty glory.

Zazzy is like your cool, calm cat. She was like hey, I’m here, pet me, I’m beautiful. And she is. She has the most striking green eyes + cool blue-gray fur.

Anyway, enjoy! :)