Andrew & Sally have the most amazing apartment lighting. When it comes to photography, lighting is key to creating great images. It sets the mood, and can either make or break your image.

While I haven’t been doing as many at home sessions lately, I do love photographing pets in their environment–because not only are pets usually more comfortable and less distracted, it’s easier to capture intimate shots, and I love all the little home details that add to the storytelling. Don’t get me wrong though–I love photographing outside, too, especially when in California. I can’t wait to photograph more pets out there when I’m in SF again in summer 2017!).

Junebug and Stanley are super adorable rescues from the south (Louisiana to be exact. And according to Andrew, don’t work near a shelter if you don’t want to come home with a dog, haha). Junebug, the little dachshund/terrier mix, is the sweetest thang, and I kept on wanting to call her Bailey, aka the name of my brother’s dog, because they’re both so similar in temperament. Stanley, the terrier mix, was on the more timid side, and despite eating all of my delicious treats, refused to look at the camera. Sometimes he forgot that he was supposed to be timid though when you told him that we were going to go for a walk, and I think that’s where I was able to capture that other side of him. Only a few frames, but just enough to know that there’s another dog under there, waiting to come out with a little more love and patience.

Picking images to share from their session was hard; I loved them all! But here’s a few. ;)

Andrew & Sally – Thanks again for such a fun session, and I hope you love their images as much as I do! :)

kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_01kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_02kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_03(A glimpse of how Junebug’s sweetness might all be an act, as she secretly plots to take over the world)
kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_05kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_07kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_04kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_12kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_06kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_09kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_10kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_08kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_13kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_14kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_15kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_11kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_16(When you try to tell your dog to look at the camera, but they refuse 😂)kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_17kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_18kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_19kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_20kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_21kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_22kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_23kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_24kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_25kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_26kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_27kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_28kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_29kat-ku-pet-photography-junebug-stanley_30