I got to work with some amazing people and dogs recently thanks to the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV). Each year HSHV holds a giant Walk & Wag fundraiser event where owners and dogs run/walk a 5K while raising money for the shelter (I also partake by hosting a Doggy Portraits for a Cause; this year we raised over $1240!). Lin, an active supporter, ended up raising over $2,200 and her white pit bull, Heisenberg  raised over $2,600. As a result of being of one of the top fundraisers, she won a session with moi!

Heisenberg and Jake, a black and white border collie mix, are both HSHV alums and also two really amazing dogs. Heisenberg, nominated as this year’s HSHV celebrity spokesdog, was given up by his previous family because he was deaf, and they said he was untrainable. Well, within a week of being adopted by Lin, he was housebroken with a week and was responding to hand commands! Super laid back and sweet, he quickly wriggled into her heart.

Jake came with his own set of issues but has come a long ways since then, bonding closely with her son, Luke.  Described as a bit more temperamental than Heisenberg, he actually ended up doing quite wonderfully during our session. And I have to admit, he seriously has some of the most beautiful, intelligent eyes I’ve ever seen.

Here are some of my favorite images. Can you believe Luke is her son? Lin looks young enough to be his sister! Thank you guys for such a wonderful session!