Jack was a good dog. An awesome dog. A therapy dog. And he brought joy to those that met him.

Thrown away starving and into the traffic of a KMart parking lot in Kentucky, he was rescued by Catie and her mom, who were luckily nearby when they saw all of this. After wrangling him into their car, he thus began a new life filled with love and love, although perhaps not without a lively incident or two.

During our consultation, Catie shared how Jack experienced severe separation anxiety in the beginning, and that he tore through his metal cage and somehow managed to pull a paper shredder across the room, scattering bits of paper shreds everywhere. Needless to say, they came home to one fun surprise.

Our session took place on a blessed day. Catie contacted me to photograph Jack because his body was giving out due to a degenerative disorder, and they were planning on saying good-bye to him the following week. The day that our session was supposed to be scheduled, it was overcast, and then it poured. Yet miraculously, the weather Gods must have listened to our prayers, and by the time our scheduled session was to take place, the skies gave way to sunshine and a feeling anew.

Thank you Catie and Andreas for giving me the honor of providing sweet images of your handsome boy, and of course, his fur-sibling, Diesel. I hope these images bring you much joy and comfort. ❤️