This has been a concept that’s been brewing in the back of my mind for quite some time, and I’m excited to finally make it a reality! I was originally inspired while photographing rescue dogs and couldn’t help but notice and admire the many different colors, spots, patterns, and textures that they came in. The “street” aspect of the image was also inspired from photographing rescues. Instead of photographing adoptable dogs inside the stores where they were being held, I decided to photograph them against an uncluttered wall outside.  While going through the images afterwards, something about the overall feel of them really resonated with me, and thus, “The Street Sessions” were born. These photoshoots are a bit different from my regular sessions in that they are dedicated to capturing the canine form through the use of selective framing and macro lens.

The star for my first Street Session is a very popular and special Lady Darla. She is a 3-year-old rescue (yay!) Harlequin Great Dane, who not only is absolutely gorgeous in person, but also brings much cheer and joy to patients as a therapy dog. (Have you seen or met her yet?) Her mom, Sue, posts and shares a lot of photos and stories of Lady Darla on her Facebook page, which can be found  here:

Kat Ku - Lady Darla the Great Dane_01  Kat Ku - Lady Darla the Great Dane_06 Kat Ku - Lady Darla the Great Dane_02 Kat Ku - Lady Darla the Great Dane_04 Kat Ku - Lady Darla the Great Dane_03 Kat Ku - Lady Darla the Great Dane_05Kat Ku Photography - Lady Darla the Great Dane