When I hear the name Gus, I immediately think of the goofy mouse character found in Disney’s Cinderella. I still haven’t concluded whether it’s the name that defines the individual, or if it’s the individual’s personality that defines the name. Either way, Gus the Labradoodle was absolutely what I thought a Gus would be—goofy, sweet, and happy!

On a sad note, Gus’ cancer recently came back from remission, making for a bittersweet session :/ Despite being on medication that caused him to be overheated easily, he was a great sport during the entire time! Gina and Jeff, thank you for spending your afternoon with me, and I hope these images bring you some joy.
Kat Ku Photography_Gus_01 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_02 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_03 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_04 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_05 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_06 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_07 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_08 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_09
Gus has super expressive eyes, and immediately perks up when you say, “Do you want to go for a….(walk, etc)”? So cute!
Kat Ku Photography_Gus_10
Gus not cooperating with what we wanted him to do–and laughing about it. ;p
Kat Ku Photography_Gus_11 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_12 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_13 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_14 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_15 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_16 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_17 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_18 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_19 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_20 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_21 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_22 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_23 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_24 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_25 Kat Ku Photography_Gus_26