I’m so excited! I found the most beautiful patch of pine trees to photograph at while I was location-scouting for Gracie and Darcy’s photo session.

You’re probably like, okay, Kat, why are you so excited about a bunch of trees? Well, for one, I strongly believe that the location you photograph at greatly influences the feel of an image. You can be photographing the prettiest dog, but if the background looks like a junkyard… well, guess what. As beautiful as that dog might be, you’re going to be distracted trying to figure out what’s going on in the background. Of course, one could also incorporate the junkyard into the art of creating the image, but that’s a whole another thought/creation process…

Anyway, I’m in love with this secret spot because it looks absolutely amazing during “golden hour”. Of course, when you have a gorgeous model such as Meghan, and two adorable dogs named Gracie and Darcy, it’s hard not to create some beautiful images.

The inspiration for the photoshoot was to celebrate the pups’ birthdays, as they both took place in April. Gracie turned 3, and Darcy turned 1 (although she looks like she’s gonna have the perpetual puppy look going on for her). I don’t think the pups really had an idea what was going on, except that they got some amazingly delicious eats, haha. They’re so fricking cute, and I’m glad that I was able to create some memories of them turning one year older.

Oh, and you want to know my secret spot? Well, you’re going to have to book me to find out. ;)