Duke and Bo are two adorable dogs who couldn’t be more different (aside from both being part of the Schnauzer breed). Duke is small and silver in color, and like his name suggests, is confident and cheeky. Bo is large and black in coloring, and is probably one of the derpiest dogs I have met. Being a 5 month old overgrown puppy might have something to do with it. 😂

Despite their differences, they reminded me of two little boys/brothers who didn’t want anything to do with the photoshoot. They pretty much spent the entire time chasing and harassing each other. I think if they were kids in real life, I’m sure the “parents” would be quite exasperated/embarrassed! Personally though, I think those make the best photoshoots because there’s nothing I love more than candidness!

Thank you Theresa and Kevin! It was so wonderful working with you and your boys. :)