I still stand by my assessment that Charles King Cavalier Spaniels are probably one of the breeds that I always have the most fun photographing. To be honest, before I actually had a chance to work with them, I thought they were weird looking dogs. But while they may look weird (or adorable now, at this point), they definitely make up for it in terms of their playful, sweet, and lively personalities.

So you can only imagine how excited I was when Monica, vet/owner of FourPawsWellness, contacting me about photographing her two CKCSs. But then she mentioned that she wanted to add her kids to the shoot. And in my head, I was like “Oh. 😬”.

I haven’t really worked with kids that much, and being the youngest child in my family, I didn’t really have much experience with younger children. So as you might imagine, I was a bit apprehensive. But you know what, I think after this shoot, I’ve discovered working with kids is actually really refreshing!

I think somewhere along the way of becoming a “responsible adult”, we become subdued in our manners, and self-conscious. What was refreshing about working with kids, is they’re much more “honest”. In this case, photographing Monica’s kids with their pups was a complete blast.

I’ve always been about candids and emotions over technically correct images, and this shoot couldn’t be a more perfect example. There were so many great shots, I had a really hard time picking out which images to show. Here are a few faves (many which ended up in their 28 page photobook!)

As for the background in Darwin + Biscotti? Darwin is described as the “Oh perfect dog” while Biscotti, who is super sweet, doesn’t seem to be quite all there. 🤔 But his family still loves him all the same! ❤️❤️❤️