This has been more common as of late, but when I ask my clients why they decided to book me, it’s often because they regret not getting photos of another pup that had passed. After my brother’s dog, Brophy, unexpectedly passed earlier this month, I completely understand where they’re coming from. Even though I photographed Brophy almost every year since 2011, it was almost more on a whimsical basis than a dedicated one, and I really regret not doing a more focused photoshoot on him with his human. While I have a lot of great images of him, I honestly wish I had more…

After seeing my cards at Dogtopia Birmingham, Heather decided to book a session for Bleu and Jack, as she wanted to have some lovely photos that captured their personality (and having regretted not doing so for one of the other pups that had passed). Bleu and Jack are two happy-go-lucky Golden Retrievers that couldn’t be more different than each other despite looking so similar! Bleu was more content to be with his humans and watch from the sidelines, while Jack was all about that ball! I think almost every photo that I captured of him was with him playing. I’m pretty sure even if we weren’t doing the photoshoot, he would probably still be entertaining himself, haha. Can you guess which one is which? I’ll give you a hint, if the ball doesn’t give it a way–Bleu is wearing the blue collar (And now that I think about it, was that intentional? Haha).

Thank you, Heather! Your Goldens are seriously so sweet! ❤️