I was talking with a friend the other day about how on earth did we survive before the world of internet. I remember going on road trips with my family as a kid, and how my parents would get in arguments due to incorrectly reading a map and missing the proper turn or exit. Thanks to Google Maps today, the only thing we have to worry about now is having the app take us down the wrong road.

And also thanks to the internet today, I’m able to connect with pet lovers all over the world. Emily and I “met” each other on the world of instagram. I don’t know who followed who first, but all I knew was that she had the cutest photos of two little white floofs, and I had to follow them!

Arlo is Emily’s first dog, who she got while living in Chicago. Arlo has some of the most beautiful and expressive eyes that I have ever seen–during our shoot, he gave me the most variety of expressions–ranging from skepticism, incredulousness, curious, happy, questioning, and annoyed, haha. Definitely one very intelligent dog that would clearly have many opinions if only he could speak the human language! Mabel, Arlo’s fairly new baby sister, is one of the cutest, happiest go lucky pups I’ve ever met. Holding her is like holding a cloud! She’s just one soft floof!

Because Emily was moving soon, she wanted to get some nice photos of Arlo and Mabel before she left Michigan. So glad we were able to do something before then because they were a complete joy to work with! Thanks so much Emily for a wonderful session, and best of luck on the move! :)