Sweet Pea and Eclipse are two adorable, declawed kitties looking for their fur-ever home.

Sweet Pea, like her name, is a total sweetie. She was a little cautious when we first brought her into the room, but with a little bit of affection, she was showing off her comforting purr in no time. (And might I add she’s a non-stop purrer ;) ) What’s really neat about Sweet Pea is that not only is she bunny soft, but she also has no tail! She belongs to a breed called the Manx. You can find a little bit more information on this breed through this link to Wiki.

Eclipse is a black cat, with a white spot on her chest. I think she also has the cutest round head ever! She loves being petted and scratched, and could be brushed all day.

They are both available through the Wishbone Rescue (Allegan Shelter). For more information, contact kakazyak (at) gmail (dot) com.

{Sweet Pea.}
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