So over break, I flew out to Arizona for a family get together and enjoy ten days of sunny, 70+ degrees weather (yes, be jealous all of you Michiganders that had to deal with cold, wintery weather :p) while doing absolutely nothing except sleeping, eating, and shopping. Yes, I took a break from photography. Or at least I tried to. When I saw my brother’s dog, Brophy, I couldn’t help but snap up pictures of his cute face. Honestly, I didn’t think much of Dachshunds before–just that they were funny looking with their long bodies and short, stubby legs. But after having one around, and then getting to play with three in one day (see upcoming pictures), I think I may be in love… especially after they all piled into my lap at the end of the day. LOL. They seriously are the sweetest and goofiest dogs ever. Prepare for picture overload!

This is Brophy, wearing his cute sweater that his pappy put on him.
Then this is poor Brophy tolerating having his head squished in between a pair of legs,
later giving a look as if “Are we done yet”?
Brophy running as fast as he can, and then sitting in front of an orange tree that he likes to fertilize, haha
(As you can see, the tree is doing very well)
And thennnnn… his girlfriends arrive!!! (Both named Lucy/Luci by the way) Check out that smile on the right–super duper happy, and super duper cute–with a blade of grass!
Everyone’s excited to play a game of fetch!
Props to the person who can come up with the funniest caption for the photo below.
And then to wrap up the entry with my most favorite image (as if that’s even possible to choose from all of these! Check out my Facebook page for more photos from this shoot!) Dachshunds-1
Okay wait–well, make this my most favorite. ;)