Je t’aime France! Guess I’m not the only one, because I got to photograph two adorable dogs with French related names: Quiche and Paris–ooh la la! lol

Quiche is a silly, 4 year old Frenchie adopted from the French Bulldog Rescue. She is also the first Frenchie I got to work with, and I’m absolutely in love! I now know why this breed is so popular–they look completely serious but are secretly full of funny faces and goofiness. You can’t help but laugh when they’re around.

Paris is a spunky but dignified, 13-year-old black lab mix, who was sadly diagnosed with cancer. Prior to our session, he had had surgery twice to remove it from his elbow. It appears to be pretty aggressive though and keeps coming back. :/ If his mom hadn’t told me his diagnosis, I definitely would not have been able to tell. Paris totally cheesed it up for his modeling debut.

Thank you Ashlee for a wonderful session, and I’m sending Paris lots of love to stay strong!

Quiche–“Why so serious?”
Paris and Quiche_01
Little Frenchie butt! hehe
Paris and Quiche_02 Paris and Quiche_03 Paris and Quiche_04 Paris and Quiche_05
A series of silly Frenchie faces. I have no idea what they mean…
Paris and Quiche_06
Quiche broke out into a quick Frenchie smile before becoming serious again.
Paris and Quiche_07Paris and Quiche_16
Paris–look at that smile!
Paris and Quiche_08 Paris and Quiche_09 Paris and Quiche_10 Paris and Quiche_11Paris and Quiche_14Paris and Quiche_15
Love this image. Paris and his mom having a moment together.
Paris and Quiche_12 Paris and Quiche_13
Even at 13 years old (or 91 in human years!), Paris holds himself tall and proud.    Paris and Quiche_17
Trying to get a Frenchie to cooperate for a family photo results in pure stubbornness, and a “talk-to-the-rear”. Okay, Quiche…
Paris and Quiche_18
But we finally manage to get one…their faces—#priceless.
Paris and Quiche_19