Pets are often a couple’s first “child” that they have together before they continue to expand their family into the hooman variety. Knowing how quickly things will change upon the arrival of a new baby, I frequently get contacted by clients who are looking to document this special time with their furkid while it’s still them.

Ellie the lab/pit mix was adopted into the family when Bill and Brittany were living in Chicago. While attending a Pet Adopt-a-thon, Ellie immediately came out to greet them and jumped on Bill, and they were like this is “the one”! Little did they know that her rambunctiousness would carry through much of her puppyhood. 😂

You probably can’t tell from this shoot, but Ellie’s favorite thing in this entire world is to chase/hunt squirrels. We started off her shoot outside first, but when she seemed more interested in looking at squirrels than modeling for her shoot, we decided to finish up at home. And wow, can I say she like’s two different dogs when she’s indoors vs. outdoors?!

Once we were at home, instead of being on the constant lookout, she was a happy, wriggly puppy that was all too excited about having a person come visit! Of course, we did have some occasional squirrels running around in the backyard, but Ellie hammed it up for the rest of the time, and we were able to capture her sweet, smiley personality. :)